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This page (deaths in 2014) provide information of all the notable people deaths in 2014. Names under each date of month are reported in alphabetical order by family name. Here link for the persons page is also given to know the details about his life. -

8 May 2014

  • Khalid al-Arishi, Saudi television announcer (Almajd), traffic collision. (death announced on this date)
  • Pablo Martinez, 78, Filipino soldier, implicated in assassination of Benigno Aquino, Jr., injuries sustained in a traffic collision. (death announced on this date)

7 May 2014

  • Nazim Al-Haqqani, 92, Cypriot Islamic Sufism prelate and scholar, multiple organ failure.
  • Sir George Christie, 79, British opera manager (Glyndebourne Festival Opera).
  • Pak Cik Jamal, 75, Malaysian television personality, lung disease.
  • Samarth Lal Meena, 79, Indian politician, Rajasthan MLA for Rajgarh, Speaker (1998–1999).
  • John C. Moeur, 91, American politician, Mayor of Tempe, Arizona (1964–1966).
  • Colin Pillinger, 70, British planetary scientist, brain haemorrhage.
  • Elaine Sturtevant, 84, American pop and minimalist artist.
  • Lawrence Williams, Guyanese finance official, Governor for the Bank of Guyana, cancer.

6 May 2014

  • Wil Albeda, 88, Dutch politician, Minister of Social Affairs (1977–1981), member of the Senate (1966–1977, 1981–1983).
  • Burton Cohen, 90, American casino executive, president of the Desert Inn, AGA Hall of Fame inductee (1995).
  • Bill Dana, 83, American NASA test pilot (X-15 rocket), complications from Parkinson’s disease.
  • Jimmy Ellis, 74, American boxer, WBA heavyweight champion (1968–1970), dementia.
  • Martin Erdman, 77, Australian music producer.
  • Cornelius Gurlitt, 81, German art collector and dealer, possessed more than 1,300 looted artworks, heart failure.
  • Billy Harrell, 85, American baseball (Cleveland Indians) and basketball player (Siena Saints).
  • Antony Hopkins, 93, British composer, conductor and pianist.
  • Maria Lassnig, 94, Austrian artist.
  • Norman Lumpkin, American television news journalist (WSFA).
  • Livio Maritano, 88, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Acqui (1979–2000).
  • Farley Mowat, 92, Canadian author (People of the Deer, Lost in the Barrens, Never Cry Wolf).
  • Bill Nunn, 89, American editor (Pittsburgh Courier) and football executive (Pittsburgh Steelers), complications from a stroke.
  • Aziz Sattar, 88, Malaysian actor, complications from a heart attack.
  • Leslie Thomas, 83, Welsh author (The Virgin Soldiers).

5 May 2014

  • Mohamed Idris Abu Bakar, 68, Malaysian politician, Selangor MLA for Hulu Bernam, colon cancer.
  • Timothy John Byford, 72, British-born Serbian television director, cancer.
  • Butler Derrick, 77, American politician, member of the US House of Representatives for South Carolina’s 3rd District and (1975–1995) and South Carolina House of Representatives (1969–1975), cancer.
  • Billy Frank, Jr., 83, American Nisqually tribal fishing rights activist.
  • Jean Gaven, 92, French film actor.
  • Elaine Green, American television journalist (WCPO), recipient of the Peabody Award (1981).
  • Fathin Hameed, Maldivian politician, MP for Addu Atoll, cancer.
  • Amik Kasoruho, 81, Albanian author and publicist, pulmonary disease.
  • Eduardo Mac Entyre, 85, Argentine artist.
  • István Major, 64, Hungarian Olympic high jumper (1972, 1976).
  • Michael Otedola, 87, Nigerian politician, Governor of Lagos State (1999–2007), complications from a stroke.
  • Tatiana Samoilova, 80, Soviet actress (The Cranes Are Flying, Anna Karenina), People’s Artist (1993), complications from a heart condition.
  • Jackie Lynn Taylor, 88, American actress and television personality (Our Gang), Alzheimer’s disease.

4 May 2014

  • Toimi Alatalo, 85, Finnish Olympic champion cross-country skier (1960). (death announced on this date)
  • Eddie Andreini, 77, American stunt pilot, air crash.
  • Dick Ayers, 90, American comic book artist (Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider), complications from Parkinson’s disease.
  • Elena Baltacha, 30, Ukrainian-born British tennis player, liver cancer.
  • Helga Königsdorf, 75, East German physicist and author, Parkinson’s disease.
  • Ross Lonsberry, 67, Canadian hockey player (Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins), cancer.
  • Robert J. Mitchell, 77, American military officer, Major Adjutant general for the Indiana National Guard.
  • Jean-Paul Ngoupandé, 65, Central African Republic politician, Prime Minister (1996–1997).
  • Chukwudifu Akunne Oputa, 96, Nigerian judge, member of the Supreme Court (1984–1989), complications from a stroke.
  • Al Pease, 92, British-born Canadian Hall of Fame racing driver (Formula One).
  • Elena Ryabinina, 59, Ukrainian-born Russian human rights activist, cancer.
  • Dana Seetahal, 58, Trinidadian politician and legal academic, Independent MP (2002–2010), shot.
  • Tony Settember, 87, Filipino-born American racing driver and engineer, after short illness.
  • Bohdan Skaradziński, 83, Polish writer and social activist.
  • Lynn R. Williams, 89, Canadian labor unionist, President of the United Steelworkers (1983–1994), Parkinson’s disease.

3 May 2014

  • Gary Becker, 83, American economist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics (1992), complications following surgery.
  • Randy Brubaker, 55, American newspaper editor (The Des Moines Register), suspected heart failure.
  • Peter Callas, 54, American newspaper editor (Times of Trenton), muscular dystrophy.
  • Pinit Chansomboon, 59, Thai politician, MP for Kanchanaburi, gastric cancer.
  • Imre Danka, 83, Hungarian footballer.
  • James H. Daughdrill, Jr., 80, American educator, President of Rhodes College (1973–1999).
  • Bobby Gregg, 78, American drummer (Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel) and record producer.
  • Ben Hoberman, 92, American radio executive (KABC (AM), ABC Radio), pioneered talk radio format in the United States, complications from cancer.
  • Francisco Icaza Gonzalez, 83, Mexican modernist artist and writer.
  • Chet Jastremski, 73, American Olympic bronze medal-winning swimmer (1964), 100-meter breaststroke World Record holder, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Robert Knauff, 61, American military officer and pilot, Major General and Commander of the New York Air National Guard (2005–2009), glider collision.
  • Jim Oberstar, 79, American politician, member of the US House of Representatives for Minnesota’s 8th District (1975–2011).
  • Bořivoj Srba, 82, Czech theater director.
  • Mary Ellen Tanner, 67, American singer and television personality (The Bob Braun Show), multiple organ failure.

2 May 2014

  • Kofi Ansah, 56, Ghanaian fashion designer, cardiac arrest.
  • Lester Armistead, 71, American bluegrass musician, cancer.
  • Tomás Balduino, 91, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Goiás (1967–1998).
  • Sir William Benyon, 84, British politician, MP for Buckingham (1970–1983) and Milton Keynes (1983–1992).
  • Chelokee, 10, American thoroughbred horse.
  • Jessica Cleaves, 65, American singer (The Friends of Distinction, Earth, Wind & Fire).
  • George Digby, 96, American baseball scout (Boston Red Sox).
  • John E. Dolibois, 95, American diplomat, Ambassador to Luxembourg (1981–1985), last survivor of Nuremberg trials interrogation team.
  • John Dungs, 62, Nigerian military officer, Governor of Delta State (1996–1998).
  • Kamruzzama Fauji, Indian political leader, burn injuries.
  • Elio Guzzanti, 93, Italian doctor and politician, Minister of Health (1995–1996).
  • Andrey Korneyev, 40, Russian Olympic bronze-medalist swimmer (1996), European aquatics champion (1995, 1997), stomach cancer.
  • Leong Tang Chong, 70, Malaysian newspaper publisher, Chairman of The Star (2009), dengue fever.
  • Mohammad-Reza Lotfi, 67, Iranian classical musician, cancer.
  • Charles Marowitz, 80, American playwright, stage director and theatre critic, complications from Parkinson’s disease.
  • Moni Maker, 21, American trotter horse, Harness Horse of the Year (1998, 1999), complications from colic surgery.
  • Chino Montero, 52, American Hawaiian musician, pulmonary embolism.
  • Žarko Petan, 85, Slovene writer.
  • David Scheff, 51, American Air Force noncommissioned officer, Flight Chief for Air Force One during Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, cholangiocarcinoma.
  • Nigel Stepney, 55, British Formula One mechanic (Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher), involved in 2007 Formula One espionage controversy, traffic collision.
  • Nigel Vaulkhard, 66, British auto racing team owner (Bamboo Engineering, World Touring Car Championship), cycling collision.
  • Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., 95, American actor (The F.B.I., 77 Sunset Strip, Batman: The Animated Series).

1 May 2014

  • Adamu Atta, 86, Nigerian politician, Governor of Kwara State (1979–1983), member of the House of Representatives (1976–1979).
  • Monkey Black, 27, Dominican rapper, stabbed.
  • Juan de Dios Castillo, 63, Mexican football player and coach (Cruz Azul, Honduras, El Salvador), skin cancer.
  • Chou Meng-tieh, 92, Taiwanese poet and writer, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.
  • Clive Clark, 73, English footballer.
  • Mel Clark, 87, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies).
  • Arthur Cromarty, 94, American judge, member of the New York Supreme Court, heart failure.
  • Assi Dayan, 68, Israeli film director and actor.
  • Hellmut Federhofer, 102, Austrian musicologist.
  • Gordon H. Fitzgerald, 87, Canadian politician and lawyer, Nova Scotia MLA for Halifax (1960–1970) and Speaker (1969–1970).
  • Juan Formell, 71, Cuban Grammy Award-winning musician, composer and director (Los Van Van).
  • James Goodson, 93, American WWII ace fighter pilot, pneumonia.
  • Scott Johnson, 45, American police officer and television personality (Alaska State Troopers), shot.
  • Lo Fu, 93, Chinese Hong Kong journalist and political prisoner, gastric cancer and complications from pneumonia.
  • Spike Maynard, 71, American judge, member of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia (1996–2008).
  • John Wash Pam, 73, Nigerian politician, Senator for Plateau State, complications from prostate cancer.
  • William F. Poe, 82, American politician, Mayor of Tampa, Florida (1974–1979).
  • Paul Ramsay, 78, Australian billionaire health care (Ramsay Health Care), football (Sydney FC) and media (Prime Television) executive and philanthropist, heart attack.
  • Gabriel Rich, 26, American police officer and television personality (Alaska State Troopers), shot.
  • Seah Leong Peng, 48, Malaysian politician, MP for Teluk Intan (since 2013), Perak MLA for Pasir Bedamar, bladder cancer.
  • Chandra Mohan Sharma, 38, Indian freedom of information activist.
  • Howard Smith, 77, American columnist (The Village Voice) and filmmaker (Marjoe), cancer.
  • David Stoliar, 91, Romanian World War II soldier, sole survivor of the Struma disaster.
  • Georg Stollenwerk, 83, German football player and coach (1. FC Köln).
  • Kenneth Tomlinson, 69, American magazine editor (Readers Digest) and media executive, chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, melanoma.
  • Michael Travis, 86, American costume designer (Liberace).
  • Joe David Turner, 74, American professional wrestler (GCCW), brain cancer.
  • Manfred von Richthofen, 80, German sports official, Director of the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (1994–2006).
  • Dave Walker, 58, Canadian filmmaker and journalist. (body discovered on this date)
  • Eli Woods, 91, English comedian and comic actor.
  • Kōji Yada, 81, Japanese voice actor, kidney failure.

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